How to find a budget family hotel in Malibu


With its sunny beaches which are famous among surfers, with the horseback, hiking and mountain biking options provided by the California State Parks and with the Pacific Coast Highway being quite popular among road cycling enthusiasts, Malibu is a popular destination for family vacations. Because of this demand, the hotels and inns here in Malibu might not be very cheap or affordable to those travelling on a budget. But if you are travelling with your family, sensible searching can offer you hotels giving discounts for family reservations. For availing such discounts, some hotels/resorts require the family to consist of a minimum number of members, while others look at the duration of the family's stay at the hotel.

The easiest and obviously the most popular way to go about finding budget family hotels in Malibu is to browse online. There are several websites which give you all the information you need to know about the hotels in Malibu. You can find out about the location of the hotel, its accessibility, services, amenities provided and the average cost for a night's stay etc. You can also check out the photos of the hotel to get a broad idea of the landscaping and interiors of the hotel and to see whether or not it's to your liking. Find the ones which fit your budget and which you think will ensure that your family has a hassle free and comfortable stay. You can also read the reviews written by people who have stayed at some of these hotels and see their ratings. The affordable hotels may not offer you luxury conditions, but with their picturesque ocean view and proximity to the beach they have a certain charm which is sure to please you.

If you are looking for inexpensive hotels in Malibu, you might have to narrow down your choices since hotels near major tourist attractions and popular beaches will be costlier. The more remote hotels and the ones which are 8-9 miles from Malibu offer better deals which would be friendlier to your pocket. These include the Good Nite Inn, Hilton Garden Inn and Homewood Suites amongst others. Use the internet or approach a travel agent to check out the availability in the hotel. Also check if the hotel offers all those amenities which satisfy the requirements of all your family members. If you are travelling with any pets, do find out whether or not pets are welcome at the hotel. Be sure to research thoroughly before making any reservation and go through all the terms and conditions that the hotel mentions before signing the deal.

If you approach an efficient travel agency, your job of finding an affordable hotel for a family vacation in Malibu will become quite simple. If you specify your family's requirements and your budget, the travel agent will be able to give you the list of those hotels which while offering everything your family needs will also offer you great deals and discounts. Some hotels require an advance booking, so specify to your travel agent the kind of room you wish to rent and then the agency will book it for you.