The budget hotel chains of Malibu

Hotel Chains

Malibu is one of the largest cities in California and is definitely the most famous point break in California. It is bound by Topanga Canyon to the east, the Santa Monica Mountains to the north and has a stretch of warm and sandy beaches like the Carbon Beach, Paradise Cove, Surfrider Beach, Broad Beach, Pirate's Cove and surf spots like Little Dume. Apart from surfing, Malibu also provides hiking, mountain biking and road cycling options. All these make Malibu a popular destination for family vacations.

'Which hotel to stay in?' this obviously is the first question that one has to think of while planning a vacation. Some people prefer staying in a hotel which belongs to one of the major hotel chains, this is because, all the hotels in the chain offer the same standards of quality and service therefore you would know what to expect. Moreover you can get involved in bonus programs, earn points and use them later to avail discounts. These are quite useful to those who mostly travel on a budget or who are avid travelers, knowing which chain of hotels is best suited to their taste and requirements and who always look for a hotel from that chain wherever they might be travelling to.

There are many hotels to choose from while on your vacation in Malibu. Those which are closer to popular tourist attractions or beaches may charge a little on the higher side. The ones which are kind of remote or are about 8-9 miles from Malibu charge comparatively lesser. Also, the hotels belonging to chains spread out all over the country tend to charge less even if they are situated in prime locations. This is due to economies of scale, which is the cost advantage that an enterprise obtains due to expansion. These hotels tend to maintain standardized rates and in order to keep the prices in all places at a similar level, their rates are less prone to fluctuation compared to other hotels.

There are many websites which give you a lot of information on all the hotels in Malibu. You can read about the type of services and amenities the hotel provides, the types of cuisine available, its architecture and interiors, distance from the beach and some major tourist destinations and other such things that you need to know about your hotel. You can also see some photos and read the updated reviews of guests who've stayed here before. After having carefully read about all these you can decide which hotel is best suited to your needs; but if the hotel that you are looking up belongs to a chain that you are already familiar with and whose services and deals you were quite satisfied with (while you were staying at one of their other hotels), then you can go ahead and book a room there without further ado. By frequenting hotels of the same chain, you can get several discount coupons and enjoy better deals.