Get your last minute budget hotel in Malibu

Last minute

Finding a decent hotel in Malibu is a job in itself, Malibu being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The job can be even tougher when you're looking for a budget hotel at the last minute. Even budget hotels tend to jack up their prices to near luxury hotel levels when the reservation is made on the spot or at the last minute. However, there are ways to score a cheap reservation in a budget hotel.


Firstly, you must realize that hotels don't always charge sky high prices for last minute reservations. If you're lucky enough to be travelling in the off season or in a hotel which isn't filled to near capacity, you might even get a room at substantially lower rates as they might be just looking to fill up vacancies rather than jacking up prices. This logic applies to luxury hotels as well. You might find a great deal at the last minute in a luxury hotel if they're severely under capacity. However, you might find yourself in a fix if you're travelling during peak season.

Though online sources are a great way to find a good deal online, these are best used much in advance. At the last minute, these services often quote sky high prices even though the rates might not be that high in order to get maximum profit for themselves. However, you can use some somewhat lesser advertised services which often have special tie ups with hotels to give customer special discount prices. Some of these are Tablet Hotels and Jetsetter.

If you're a frequent traveler, you can even go with the existing rates and save major money on your air travel. Talking of air travel, some sites like Expedia even give package deals. Package deals are those which combine you air travel, taxi, and hotel fare into one package. This can result in some major savings because these companies usually have tie ups with the major travel companies to offer big discounts if you're willing to use their services for the entire trip.

One often missed feature in online booking sites is found on Priceline. Priceline allows you to search according to price, and you can make your own offer based on your budget. The database then compares it to the available hotels who more often than not will accept your offer since as mentioned before, they'd rather put you up for vastly reduced rates than let the room go vacant. Some travelers report savings of more than 50% through this method. Apart from these sources, the traditional methods can sometimes result in useful deals. Look for the multiple day packages which offer an x days and y nights stay at a set price. Compare these to the regular rates you're being offered and see if it turns out lower. Often, it does. You can also try bargaining with the hotel at the reception or with the manager. This tends to work especially in areas with many hotels in the area. It depends on how well you negotiate though!