Malibu Surf Schools

Surf school

In the United States, surfing culture is most dominant in California, Florida and Hawaii. In California, Malibu is considered to be one of the most popular point breaks. Malibu has several surf schools/camps where new surfers are trained to become adept riders. Some schools provide accommodation, food and also surfing equipment and gear to the students. Malibu is the ideal place to learn surfing since it offers perfect surfing conditions for beginners and at the same time has challenging breaks for students of advanced echelons. Surf spots more favorable to beginners usually have conditions suitable for learning, most importantly, sandy bottom breaks with consistent waves. Good surfing conditions include a light to moderate offshore wind, making it a 'barrel' wave.

Surf schools are not only for the beginners but also for the experienced surfers interested in learning some tips from a professional. In case of beginners, the student is taught everything right from the fundamentals of surfing. Long-boards and fun-boards are the most commonly used surf boards by learners since they provide better paddling speed and stability. The art of balancing oneself is crucial for learning to surf. Thus, balance training exercises are always recommended for beginners. Practicing with a Balance board or swing boarding is taught at the surf schools. Apart from the surfing technique and wave selection, emphasis is also laid on how to keep oneself safe at the sea. In the surf camps, you can also hone your skills in surfing-related sports such as paddle boarding, sea kayaking, kite surfing and wind surfing.

Some famous surf schools/camps in Malibu include the Malibu Long boards surf school, Aqua surf school, Start-Surf and Aloha beach camp. Surf schools offer year round private lessons for both individuals and groups. The students here belong to all age groups and come from all walks of life. These schools promise first rate trainers, boards, gear and most importantly a treasured experience! Each private lesson lasts about 2 hours, of which during the first few classes the first 15 minutes are spent on the shore going over the surf and safety instructions and rest of it in the water, and one typically gets about 20 to 30 rides. Generally, after one lesson you are good enough to practice on your own. Most schools in Malibu give the lessons on Zuma Beach, Surfrider Beach and Santa Monica Beach. The popular surf schools boast of trainers of 10 plus and in some cases even 20 plus years of experience.

At a decent surf school, you learn everything, from the ideal length of leash (which must be the same length or longer than the surfboard), the kind of wet suit, the quality of the surf board, to picking a wave and finding the best spot to paddle out. To find a surf school which fits your budget and which you think has just about everything that you are looking for, research thoroughly on the internet. You can read about their timings, conditions, kind of gear provided, fee structure etc which will help you make an informed decision while choosing a school. Some surf schools even allow you to register online in their websites.